Donald Trump and the Thousand Points of Light

Sound Bites, Intoxication, and the Thousand Points of Light

Here he is! Donaldddddd Trumppppp!

Here he is! Donaldddddd Trumppppp!

Donald Trump has become our new prime time show. What is he going to say next? We hang on every word. We like his boyish appearance, smile, and unscripted “street” language. We revel in his earthy punches at just about everyone. He is in the ring. He is standing alone and we like it. He is our hero and he likes being our hero!

We like simple. We like one-line answers. And Donald knows that we don’t want complicated anything. What we want is to keep Trump on the “rant” trail for us.

Why do we love Trump so much? He is not like us. He lives in a world of riches beyond anything we could imagine. He is privileged, self-centered, and arrogant to a fault. We are none of these. But we are angry. We don’t understand Wall Street. We don’t understand our phones, our phone bills, our cable bills, or our tax returns. It seems as if everyone is taking money from us or harming us. We are afraid! Some of us are being killed or fear being killed. ¬†Computers answer phones when we try to complain about the money big businesses are stealing from us. No one cares about giving us a fair deal. We are always losing. We are hooked up to phones, computers and machines. We can go all day without having a conversation with a single person. We miss being human.

Donald Trump is human. Trump fills the void for us without filling our heads with more ideas and plans with which we have no patience. But our need for a single sound bite in a complex life has put us at risk.

Is he our savior?

Is he our savior?

The story is old. The Pied Piper leads his followers into the sea where they expire. His simple-singular notes intoxicate us. We can look back through history to discover Jim Jones, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, Hugo Chavez, the KKK, Aum Shinrikyo, Heaven’s Gate, the Branch Davidians, and more. And while Donald Trump does not claim to be a savior or a god, he has assumed the personality of one. We want a savior and this is nothing new for a presidential campaign. We, Republicans, have used religious rhetoric for a hundred years. Even the elder Bush launched his campaign with the “New World Order” and “A Thousand Points of Light.” Donald Trump embodies or fulfills those Republican myths.

Donald Trump’s religion of hate, fear, abuse, racism, carelessness, respect for no one, and salacious attacks are the content of our new sacred scripture. If we continue reading, what is going to happen to us?

As always this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge


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