Wall Street Letter to the Editor

Many people could not access my Letter to the Editor in the Wall Street Journal.  Here is the letter in its entirety.  They excerpted some of it–did not use all of it.  Thank you for all your responses.

This does not contain my normal layout and design because we are on our way to Alaska.



Letter to the Editor. Response to article in the Wall Street Journal this morning entitled, “For Some Women, Gender Isn’t Enough.”

Dear Editors,
We as Americans are very tired of prime time newscasters and national writers asking Hillary about her emails. This is a sexist
tactic that has been used in the careers of females since they won the right to participate in elections. In my long career in higher education, when the men were threatened by excellence, they would raise a false issue that would damage your career. When they raise a damaging question, it gives life to a falsehood about a person and can fester. Asking this email question controls the speaking agenda about Hillary nationwide and keeps on harming her. Why do media people want to keep on harming her? Is it because they can’t find anything else about which to complain. After all, she is “just a woman.”
I am personally offended that right on the front page of the Wall Street Journal two women want to argue against pressing for a continued breaking of the glass ceiling. Yes, some of us got jobs and some of us survived the continued male abuse and political maneuvering to destroy our careers. We had to be better at everything in order to even be considered for a job. Then when we did manage to get that job, we had to work harder and longer to keep it. In higher education we had to teach more students, and spend more time on committees, publish more, and buy our own teaching materials and solve our own problems. Because those men were not there to help us to succeed in any way. They were helping each other.
Gender is important. Hillary’s life is important for all women who believe that they might actually gain a piece of the American
Dream. I am not going to fill this piece with statistics, but those of us who have fought hard over the last forty years to maintain a career and life know that last night was one of the most important events of the century. It certainly was one of the most important events for women since the founding of our country.
Marla J. Selvidge
Professor Emerita

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One Response to Wall Street Letter to the Editor

  1. Ginny McTighe says:

    Oh so true Marla. Our fore-mother’s came too far to break the glass ceiling, for us women to take a back seat now. Are we going to blow this golden opportunity? Every female voter needs to get out and vote for women’s rights.

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