The Gang Rape of Hillary Rodham Clinton

“Thou Shalt Not Allow a Witch to Live.”

imagesTrump has been elected. The electorate ignored all the lawsuits for fraud against him, his lack of paying his fair share of taxes; his sexual assault of several females and stalking of a primetime reporter; his potty mouth, his half-truths, his simplistic language; his lack of intelligence and sophistication; his discrimination against people of color; his racist statements against a judge of Mexican-descent, gold star parents, Muslims and women; his leanings toward white supremacy and connections with racist groups; his multiple marriages; his attack on the birth origin of our President; his violent speech, and the non-payment of companies who built a casino for him, and more!

Hillary was not elected President, although she had the qualifications to be President. What happened? I believe that she was gang-raped by the media, white male supremacists, spineless Republicans and hoodlums, jealous women, the FBI, creators of fake news, and fundamentally religious women and men across the United States who enjoyed shouting, “Lock her up,” or “Hang Hillary.”

WikiLeaks lifted up Hillary’s skirt and allowed everyone to view how leaders of a campaign talk to each other. Those emails were private. They had no business being spread across the land. Media outlets should have decided not to publish them in any way. They should have been banned. Those who leaked the emails should be put in prison for invading someone’s privacy. How would you like people to read all of your private emails? But media outlets like making money and they used these anti-Hillary emails to fill their coffers with advertising.

Hateful myths were created to control opinions of the average person.  So where in all of the investigations over all of these years has anyone discovered anything illegal that Hillary has done? There were no top-secret emails on her server. Who cares? We understand servers better now than we did eight years ago. We understand hacking better. People have applied our knowledge of today to decisions made in the past. The emails have no relevance at all to anything pertinent to serving as President.

Then there is the Clinton Foundation. So jealous were her detractors that they tried and failed to find a “pay-for-play” connection. They were steamed when they learned that Hillary commanded $200K per lecture and they could only volunteer their time to speak.

Hillary is not perfect. She is certainly not a liar.  But, we were not electing a savior or a god here; we were trying to elect a competent President. Trump was like Teflon, no matter what the evidence was against him, it just slid right off into the gutter? Why?  He was bombastic and irreverent and served as an outlet for people who were frustrated!

Lock her up! Hillary for Prison! Crooked Hillary!

Lock her up! Hillary for Prison! Crooked Hillary!  Liar!

The simple reason that Hillary was not elected is that many Americans could not stand the thought of a competent and powerful woman as President. As many have said, “My wife dominates me at home, I am not going to let a woman dominate me at work.” Their image of a man on a white horse coming to their rescue did not fit the “real” Hillary. In fact, they so hated the thought of a woman, that they eviscerated her. While they did not physically rape her, they raped her everywhere else. “Thou shalt not allow a witch to live,” says Exodus 22:18. And Hillary was treated as if she was a witch.

We stripped her naked and then hung her in the town square and laughed as we were doing it! All of the rhetoric used against her resembles the Inquisition and the Malleus Maleficarum of the 16th century. How many people in the world have the credentials that she has mustered? How many people have survived so many ill-conceived investigations that brought no charges?   The Republicans have consistently harassed her for 30 years and loved every minute of it. Her competence and contributions were of no importance.

The real problem here is the same fear that propelled Catholic Clergy (among others) to annihilate females with glee. They had a compelling abnormal obsession that women might have power over them.  Killing the witches demonstrated that males were in control and supreme!

As always, this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge

(I am sending this post to all the email addresses I have for  This website is dedicated to commentary and I am compelled to write this piece supporting Hillary because I believe ideology and religion were the foundations of  hate for her!)


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