What do we do with an Insane President?

What do we do with a barbarian President from Hell?

Is Trump Literate?

There is no evidence that Trump can spell or write a correct grammatical sentence.  I wonder if he can read?   He attacks national newspapers for their comments but maybe someone else reads them to him?  He seems to obtain  most of his information from television?

On Friday he enacted the ban on immigration from several countries and took away due process from Muslims?  It does not appear that he considered all the hardships he would cause people.  Where is his heart and soul?  He does not seem to be able to analyze anything. He has no empathy! He only reacts!  I have this sneaking suspicion that behind the scenes people like Bannon who reel in causing chaos are creating the stage play for Trump.  As long as he writes his name correctly and spouts the lines, then he feels like he is doing a great thing for the country. He does not seem to be in touch with reality!  He would rather make up scenarios than listen to specialists or educated people.  This seems to suggest that he is anti-intellectual! He thinks he knows everything! What?

He seems to enjoy using violence to get his way!

He seems to enjoy using violence to get his way!

Trump is the Terror President

Trump relishes a power fight where he will win!  It has been very difficult for me to listen to his abusive rhetoric that is filled with hate and ridicule.  He embodies the concept of White Male Supremacy and loves bullying people, other presidents, other countries, and perhaps even his wife.

I keep thinking of two things while trying to cope with this mad man.  I think of the musical Evita and the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 in China.

In Evita, Antonio Banderas sings “The Lady’s Got Potential” and tells the story of dictators and the loss of democracy.  He sings, “That’s how we get the government we deserve.”  Trump won the election, so I guess we deserve all of the mindless, vicious, and brutal actions of his pen.  He uses his pen as if it is a gun!

Are we looking at a future filled with Civil War?

Trump is in charge of the military.  What if he turned the military on us, average citizens?  (Congress seems to be afraid of him too!) How would we defend ourselves?  Those people who are gun advocates would have to shoot it out with him?  Would they win?  Nope!  They would lose  just like the students at Tiananmen Square.  Those students were run over by tanks!  They needed fire power!  Average citizens are not equipped with heavy military weapons! And we don’t have any lethal pens either!

The other thing that worries me are all of the people Trump is harming with his pen.  You can only push people so far and then they explode.  Are these people going to turn on us and harm us because we (not me) elected this guy?  It is a possibility!

Trump Needs to be Fired from his Job!

What can I do?  There are several petitions that are demanding the impeachment of this villain. Sign the petition!  Here is the petition! https://impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org

As always, this blog is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge.




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