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What do we do with an Insane President?

What do we do with a barbarian President from Hell? Is Trump Literate? There is no evidence that Trump can spell or write a correct grammatical sentence.  I wonder if he can read?   He attacks national newspapers for their … Continue reading

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Destroying or eliminating General Education classes is barbaric. The Visigoths are at the door!

General Education Classes are at the Heart of Higher Education “The first act of the Islamic State was to kill the people with knowledge of Religion.” Zaid AlFares For more than two decades at my last job at a state … Continue reading

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The Brutal Legacy of Genocide and the Children of Cambodia

This Blog is Taking a Break to walk a Difficult Path This is a story that I have to tell.  I want to write more about the story but Hoy Pheakdey and I have been cut off from communicating with … Continue reading

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